Alchemical Items


Alchemical acids are area-effect splash weapons inflicting 1d8 points of damage for every total +5 Alchemy rating possessed by their creator, with a minimum of 2d8 acid damage. A Reflex saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 Alchemy skill rating + thrower's Dexterity modifier) allows half damage. Acid has other uses as well as being a weapon — it can be poured into a lock to melt it open without triggering it[not implemented], or very tiny items can be dissolved in it — some alchemists believe that the properties of a magical item can be discerned as it dissolves in acid, its mystical essence released. Some claim that drinking acid can prevent petrification, but surely one would have to be a stalwart soul to survive such an act…

Alchemist's Fire

Alchemist's Fire is a sticky, viscous semi-liquid that catches fire when exposed to air. It is usually thrown is a sealed glass flask at an enemy, who suffers 1d10 points of fire damage for every +5 Alchemy skill the Fire was created with (minimum 2d10). A Reflex saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 Alchemy skill level + thrower's Dexterity modifier) can be made for half damage; failing this save indicates the target has been set on fire and will suffer 1d4 additional points of fire damage each round until the flames are successfully extinguished.


This alchemical antitoxin makes a character's immune system more active and resistant to poisons. It grants a +3 bonus (or higher, when crafted with a superior Alchemy skill) to saving throws against poison for the next 80 turns.

Eggshell Flash-bomb

An ingenious incendiary device, the eggshell bomb ignites upon striking any solid surface, producing a brilliant flash of light that blinds any creatures within 30 feet of its point of impact. A Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 Alchemy skill level + the thrower's Dexterity mod) negates the blinding; the thrower herself, being prepared for the flash, is immune. The blinding lasts for 1d4 rounds.

Eggshell Smoke-bomb

This alchemical item produces a surprising volume of misty, harmless smoke from a combination of chemical powders sealed inside an eggshell. The eggshell is thrown and triggers upon impact, creating a smoke cloud with a radius of [Alchemy skill / 5] + 2 squares.


This alchemical preparation takes the form of a thick, pungent oil applied directly to the skin, causing the user to emit an intense aroma that blinds the smell of creatures with the Scent ability. It renders the wearer inperceptable with Scent, but also awakens any creatures with Scent that are within 30 feet. The effects last for (Alchemy x 10) turns, to a minimum of 100.


This thin alchemical resin can be applied to any metal weapon, bonding with the metal for a brief period of time to give it the qualities of silver with regard to lycanthropes and devils.


This perilous alchemical item accelerates a character's metabolism greatly, albiet at a cost to her long-term health; characters also learn from their experiences less effectively while in this chemically altered state. A stimtab grants +4 temporary fatigue points (+2 per +5 Alchemy above +10) and a +50% increase to Spd (+5% per point of Alchemy rating over 10), for the next 30 turns.


When lit (activated), a sunrod emits brilliant golden light out to a radius of 20 feet. Light-averse creatures will suffer the penalties of being in a brightly-lit area. The lit sunrod can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon; it inflicts 1d3 points of fire damage to most creatures, but against wraiths, shadows and similar creatures of negative energy, it inflicts 2d8 points of sunlight damage and strikes true against their incorporeality. A sunrod burns for only 3d6+6 turns.

Tanglefoot Bag

A tanglefoot bag can be thrown to create a mass of tanglefoot strands with a radius of 10 feet (1 square). A creature attempting to move or attack in the strands must make a reflex saving throw (DC 15) to avoid becoming stuck instead. Woodland Stride, Free Action and Flight all render one immune to tanglefoot strands.

Twilight Salve

By rubbing this pungent salve on one's eyelids (by Activating this item), the user is able to see invisible or ethereal creatures for a brief period of time. Unfortunately, the aftereffect of the salve leaves the user deeply disoriented for a period when it wears off; it also tend to abuse the body in the longer term.

Universal Solvent

This alchemical solvent dissolves any adhesive material, allowing a character to free themselves from webbing, sticky slime, mimic adhesive, the effects of the molecular bonding psionic power, the webs of ettercaps and so forth. It should be [A]pplied to be used.

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