Bless (Theurgy)

Level: Priest 1, Paladin 1

Mana: 5. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.

This spell can be cast in one of two forms; the combat form is automatically chosen if this spell is cast as part of an AutoBuff.

Combat Blessing: Grants a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws to you and all allies within sixty feet of you when the spell is cast. This version lasts until you rest.

Item Blessing: This form of the spell makes a single chosen item blessed, often improving its effect in some manner. A blessed item cannot be picked up by undead, demons, devils, or lycanthropes. A blessed shield or suit of armor cumulatively increases your Defense by +2 against the touch attacks of such creatures. A blessed weapon strikes true against such creatures, even if they have weapon immunity. A blessed weapon also strikes true against evil incorporeal creatures.

You have the power to bless any item found commonly at a dungeon depth equal to or lower than half your caster level plus your secondary Charisma modifier, plus a modifier based on divine favor. Blessing an item costs you 1 fatigue point, and is permanent until something acts to defile the item.

Obtained from:

  • Castable by first level Priests and fourth level Paladins
  • Items can be blessed by the character's god at their respective altar
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