The Boalisk ('R')

A magical relative of the constrictor snake, the boalisk is most feared for its gaze, which induces a rotting disease similar to that caused by a mummy's touch. The boalisk appears similar to a normal constrictor snake, but has glistening red scales that seem to ripple like velvet and unnatural, segmented eyes not unlike an insect's.
This human-sized carnivorous snakes is found in forests, as well as at depths of 20m in an average dungeon. It is usually True Neutral. It is similar in power to a 2nd level character. It has 5d12+5 hit points, a base attack bonus of +3, and a defense class of 12. It moves at 50% of normal human speed, and attacks at 100% speed with natural attacks. It has naturally strong Fortitude (+4) and Reflex (+6), but weak Will (+2). It has exceptional strength (17), exceptional dexterity (17), above average constitution (13), exceedingly low intelligence (1), average wisdom (12), and exceedingly low charisma (2). It has the feats Alertness, Toughness, Natural Grapple and Master Grapple, and the skills Balance (+16), Climb (+18), Hide in Shadows (+12), Listen (+13), Spot (+13) and Swimming (+8). It has a racial skill bonus to Hide in Shadows (+4), Listen (+4), Spot (+4), Balance (+8) and Climb (+8). It can track foes by smell to a range of 50 ft. It is amphibious, crossing freely from land to water. It is never created peaceful. To attack, it bites for 1d4+1 piercing damage, constricts for 1d4+1 blunt damages and gazes to spread disease (DC 14).
Groups: Beast, Mythic Hybrid, Snake

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