Orcs are much reviled for eating the bodies of their slain foes, but few are aware that this practice has a mystical component as well as a cultural one — once, millenia ago, orcs would eat the bodies of elderly members of their tribes as a sign of respect, supernaturally allowing some small part of their ancestor's wisdom to live on within them. Now, it is an act mostly practiced only for the more worldly desire of claiming a fallen enemy's strength for oneself.

In game terms, an orc that eats the corpse of a creature that has an innate elemental resistance to a given damage type may develop or increase that resistance himself, provided that the creature's resistance level is greater then the orc's current inherant rating in that type of resistance.

Furthermore, certain rare monsters that are the allegorical representation of a given ability score can convey an inherant bonus to that ability when their corpses are devoured. Giants are so tied to Strength, elves to Dexterity, trolls to Constitution, mind flayers to Intelligence, nagas to Wisdom, faeries to Charisma and mythic hybrids to Luck. Dragons can convey increased mana when their bodies are eaten, being creatures of pure magic.

Finally, any living creature whose corpse is eaten provides a moderate boost in experience points, provided that its Challenge Rating compares well with the devourer's character level.

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