Eating Corpses

If you have the Devouring ability, eating corpses can be an excellent way to gain an early game advantage. Undead corpses give no benefit, though they still provide nourishment.

-Experience formula ?
-Eating what gives what resistance?

Eating corpses of:

Modrons give Acid up to 2, and Poison, and Psychic up to 4
Elves gives fire and cold resistances up to 4
Elven cats give up to +2 dexterity bonus
Ice Mantles give ice resistance up to 6
Blue Jelly gives ice resistance up to 9
Sprites gives up to +2 charisma bonus
Leprechauns and nymphs give up to +4 charisma bonus
Shadow Ooze gives Fire, Cold, Poison, Psychic Damage, Sonic Damage resistance up to 4
Shocker Lizard gives Lightening up to 4
Shrieker gives poison, psychic, disease resistance up to 4
Aether Sponge gives pure magic resistance, poison, sonic, psychic, and cold up to 4
Acid blobs gives acid poison sonic and psychic resistance up to 3
Ogres give up to +2 strength bonus
Giants give up to +4 strength bonus
Trolls give up to +2 constitution bonus
Illithids give up to +4 intelligence bonus

If you do not have the Devouring ability, the best result you can get is a small meal, but with or without the skill, you will need to make a wilderness lore check, with an increasing DC the more stale the corpse. Failure indicates the contraction of a Disease.

Note that eating while full will merely cause the character to vomit and continue (as opposed to choking to death). Vomiting will have no affect on the benefits received from devouring, making it practical for an orc to eat every corpse available so long as the risk of disease has been overcome.

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