The Illusionist build

One of the more straightforward builds, this is a single class gnomish mage constructed around maximizing the illusioncraft skill.

  • Only one illusory monster active at a time; does not count towards magic CR or player party CR (so if you like to have a big party, you can use monster summoning to your heart's delight)
  • Gnomish Arcane Trickery 3 times a day: save them for your (extended) monster illusions
  • (t)alk to illusory monsters to issue orders
  • With all possible bonuses, Illusioncraft skill starts at around 10-15 at 1st level and by 11th level is at least 30, probably more if you get many bonuses to Int from religion and inherents
  • Illusory creatures are of CR level up to half of the Illusioncraft skill rating, may be up to -2 from that.
  • Illusion disbelief DCs:
    • For illusory forces, the DC is 10 + 1/2 x Illusioncraft (no spell focus bonus, spell level bonus, etc)
    • For illusory creatures, the DC is as per normal spells, i.e. 10 + spell level + int bonus + school focus bonus (no illusioncraft bonus)
    • Arcane trickery applies to both if activated (+8 to DC)
  • Gods: Asherath (+1 Int sacred bonus at favor levels 3,5,7,9), Xavias
  • Major spells:
    • Phantasmal force (level 1, 2 mana) creates any creature, CR limited only by Illusioncraft. also forces: Magic missile, Force Bolt, Burning Hands, Ice Dagger, Sandblast, Sunscorch, Scorcher, Electric Loop
    • Spectral force (level 3, 4 mana) illusory creatures persist after being disbelieved; additional forces: fireball, lightning bolt, thunderlance, ice storm, force missiles, shout
    • Note that you always see through illusory forces automatically effectively giving you automatic bind spell
    • Shadow monsters (level 4) illusory creatures do 20% damage even if disbelieved
    • Demi-shadow monsters (level 5) illusory creatures do 50% damage even if disbelieved
  • Issues / Bugs / Unimplemented spells as of 0.6.9H4:
    • shadow magic (8 mana) only implements level 1-2 spells (same as phantasmal force, 2 mana) making it practically useless
    • The entire spellbook of [Smoke and Mirrors] is missing: You will never be able to learn improved (spectral/phantasmal) force, hallucinatory terrain, advanced illusion, color burst, mirage arcana
    • Illusory monsters cannot be cancelled directly or dismissed; you have to cast another illusion to replace them
  • Gnomes should not learn ventriloquism, displacement or mirror image since those are race innate.
  • Important skills:
    • Illusioncraft (vital: take all possible bonuses possible towards this skill: gnome race, skill focus, intelligence boosts)
    • Concentration (to maintain phantasmal/spectral force): not really a big deal, if it is dispelled, cast it again
    • Move Silently (while Invisible): not all that important since you should never be next to a hostile monster anyway
    • Usual caster skills e.g. metamagic
  • Important feats:
    • Skill focus: Illusioncraft
    • School focus: Illusion
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