Luckblades are very useful items. The game text for them reads:

The Luckblade is a powerful and rare treasure often favored by adventurers and followers of Semirath, who are best known for creating these valuable relics. It is a +3 Keen Short Sword, and it adds its magical plus as a magic bonus to the wearer's saving throws. Additionally, it can be activated to grant the wearer a wish, but doing so permanently depletes the sword of one of it's magical plusses, and this lost enchantment cannot be restored in any manner.

Unfortunately, wishes are not yet implemented in Incursion, so the Luckblade's magical ability to grant wishes is unusable. However, it has been noted that it is possible to increase the Luckblade's enchantment if your god is Maeve, and she randomly decides to enhance it while She is pleased with the player.

It should be noted that the Luckblade, like some other special items, will always be listed as "mildly damaged" when generated. This is a bug; when examining the item itself, it is revealed that the item actually has more hit points than its maximum possible. There is no known workaround for this, except possible by damaging the item until its hit points are equal to its maximum hit points.

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