Unique Magic Armor

Gauntlets of Lightning - When you make a natural attack against a creature, these inflict 1d4 points of bonus electrical damage on the victim per magical plus they possess.

Helm of Clear Sound - Resist sonic damage/confusion effects for every plus * 4.

Bracers of Blinding Strikes - +5% attack speed(additional +10% for every plus), +2 attack for every plus.

Cloak of Vermin Friendship - Neutral to vermin.

Boots of the Druid - move through webbing, trees, brimstone, and other terrain with no penalty. Neutral to sylvan creatures.

Girdle of the Lizardfolk - Racial memory, resistance to fire, and a bit of power and endurance.

Boots of Striding and Springing - +20% movement rate, +2 to jump for every plus.

Helm of Majesty - +1 to charisma for every plus.

Girdle of Tenacity - +1 constitution for every plus.

Cloak of the Hin - Agility, luck, resistance to ability damage.

Circlet of Blasting - 10d6 to undead, 5d6 to constructs, 5d8 to everything else.

Helm of Orcsblood - +Strength, +willpower, +toughness

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