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(Passive) CHA
Possessed By: Some Humans, Elves, Bards, Rogues, Earthsingers, Shadowdancers.
Effects: The Perform skills has the following uses:

  • Bardic Music (Passive): The Perform skill determines several factors related to bardic music, including range and the DC of saving throws. As such, it is a centrally important skill for bards who intend to make effective use of this class feature.
  • Stage Performance (Active, Unimplemented): Characters with the Perform skill can enter different taverns and hold performances, gaining gold from the managers and appreciative audience. Initially, this can be quite lucrative relative to a character of any level, but performing for cash remains valuable only so long as the performer is a novelty in the area. A performer can perform only once per night per locale, and every additional performance in the same locale ever turns in only half of what the last performance at that locale did. Obviously, then, characters with a high Perform skill have a strong motive to travel from city to city in order to maximize the financial rewards this skill can bring them.
  • Recruit Allies (Passive): The Perform skill aids in the recruitment of party members (as described under Diplomacy) — by telling enthralling tales of her heroic exploits, a character with the Perform skill makes joining her party seem a much more attractive proposition. In game terms, 1/3rd of the character's Perform skill rating is added to the Diplomacy check to enlist a new party member, provided that the player character has Perform as a class skill.
  • Prerequisites (Passive): Several prestige classes, notably the shadowdancer and twilight huntsman, depend on Perform as a prerequisite for entry.
  • Train Charisma (Passive): A central element of any performer's repitoire is simple flair, and learning various performance arts brings out one's flamboyant, extroverted side by the very nature of the work. In game terms, the Perform skill trains Charisma in exactly the same way as the Athletics skill is used to train the physical Ability scores.
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