Unique Armor


Name Description
Girdle of Dwarvenkind +2 constitution, stone sense, mining skill
Girdle of the Lizardfolk Racial memory, resistance to fire, and a bit of power and endurance.
Girdle of Tenacity +1 constitution for every plus.


Name Description
Lenses of Detection +2 Search, +2 Wilderness Lore, Sharp Senses
Lenses of Mystic Insight +1 Wisdom


Name Description


Name Description
Boots of the Druid Move through webbing, trees, brimstone, and other terrain with no penalty. Neutral to sylvan creatures.
Boots of Evasive Footwork Dodge, Mobility feats
Boots of Stability +2 Balance, Polymorph immunity
Boots of Striding and Springing +20% movement rate, +2 to jump for every plus.
Boots of the Winterlands Immune to slipping on ice, +3 cold resist for every plus.


Name Description
Cloak of Arachnida Arachnids neutral, activation(web spell), +4 vs. poison, +10 climb, free movement
Cloak of the Hin +1 Dexterity, +1 Luck, resistance to ability damage.
Mantle of Magic Resistance Grants a magic resistance bonus equal to fifteen times it's magical plus.
Cloak of Vermin Friendship Vermin are generated neutral to wearer.


Name Description
Ring of Channeling +20 Mana
Ring of the Dancer +1 Dexterity
Ring of Free Action Immunity to paralysis, pertrification, slowing, and entangling
Greater Ring of Identify Identifies 1 chosen item upon activation, 7 uses per day
Ring of Regeneration Constantly heals user
Ring of Water Walking Water behaves as solid ground

Necklaces & Amulets

Name Description
Amulet of Brass and Glass +3 Lightning Resistance, creates blasts of ball lightning (2d8 damage), 3 uses
Holy Symbol Allows use of God given spells
Periapt of Wisdom +1 Wisdom


Name Description
Gloves of Nimble Fingers +2 Handle Devices, +2 Lockpicking, +2 Pick Pockets
Gauntlets of Ogre Power +1 Strength, -1 Intelligence


Name Description
Circlet of Blasting 10d6 to undead, 5d6 to constructs, 5d8 to everything else.
Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic +10 Decipher Script
Helm of Clear Sound Resist sonic damage/confusion effects for every plus * 4.
Helm of Majesty +1 to charisma for every plus.
Crown of the Magi +5% Casting success rate
Helm of Orcsblood +Strength, +willpower, +toughness
Headband of Magical Aptitude +2 Concentration, +2 Use Magic, Detect summoned monsters in 100+20 feet


Name Description
Bracers of Blinding Strikes +5% attack speed (+10% for every plus), +2 attack
Bracers of Contortion +2 Escape Artist, +2 Tumble, Featherfoot feat
Bracers of Graceful Motion Adds one point to wearers dexterity for each magical plus.
Bracers of Health +Constitution
Gauntlets of Lightning When you make a natural attack against a creature, these inflict 1d4 points of bonus electrical damage on the victim per magical plus they possess.

Other items

Name Description
Shadowstone +1 Hide in Shadows, creates field of shadow
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