Unique Jewelry & Lenses


Name Description
Ring of Acid Warding
Ring of Aggravate Monster
Ring of Animal Kinship
Ring of Brass and Glass
Ring of the Chameleon
Ring of Channeling
Ring of Climbing
Ring of the Dancer
Ring, Djinn Prison
Ring of Elemental Command(Air)
Ring of Elemental Command(Earth)
Ring of Elemental Command(Fire)
Ring of Elemental Command(Water)
Ring of Elemental Disjunction
Ring of Elvenkind
Ring of Evasion Grants 4 levels of the Evasion ability, or improves Evasion by 4 levels. Evasion allows the player to roll to dodge spell blasts when wearing light or no armor.
Ring of Fire Resistance
Ring of Free Action
Ring of Gnomes
Ring of Good Fortune
Ring of Identify When worn, can be activated up to three times per day to identify any item.
Ring of Identify(greater)
Ring of Ignorance
Ring of the Imp Summons an imp to serve the caster, no duration
Ring of Infravision Gives 60 ft. infravision or adds an additional 60 ft. to current infravision
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Item Preservation
Ring of Jumping
Ring of Kobolds
Ring of Mind Shielding Increases will saving throw by 2 points per magical plus, sustains intelligence and wisdom, wearer cannot be sensed by telepathy
Ring of Penetrating Sight
Ring of Polymorphing
Ring of the Ram
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Spell Disruption
Ring of Water Walking
Ring of Weakness


Name Description
Periapt of Wisdom
Amulet of Ice
Amulet of Bile
Periapt of Proof against Poisons
Amulet of Natural Armor
Amulet of Strangulation
Amulet of Radiance
Amulet of Life Protection
Amulet versus Undead
Periapt of Wound Closure
Medallion of ESP
Medallion of Mental Domination
Periapt of Health
Amulet of Incredible Shrinking
Amulet of Boldness
Amulet of Undead Warding
Amulet of Planar Warding


Name Description
Lenses of the Courtesan (+) to charisma
Lenses of Detection 2*(+) to search and wilderness lore, sharp senses ability
Lenses of Drow Kinship (+) to int and dex, 5% magic resistance per (+), 30 ft. infravision per (+)
Lenses of the Druid See through fog, trees, webbing, etc., neutral to sylvan creatures
Lenses of the Eagle Increases spot score by 2 points per magical plus, Grants the Superior Senses feat (2x Vision range), Birds are neutral to wearer
Lenses of Mystic Insight Increases Wisdom score by one point per magical plus when worn
Lenses of the Night +60 ft. to infravision, or gives it to a character without infravision
Lenses of Penetrating Sight 20 ft. per (+) perception, even through solid objects(walls, etc.)
Lenses of Precision Precise shot and aimed shot feat bonuses, +20 infravision range
Lenses of the Scholar (+) to intelligence
Lenses of See Invisible See invisible
Lenses of the Soul 2*(+) to intimidate and knowledge theology, (+) to save vs. fear
Lenses of Stone Immunity to gaze attacks and light-based damage
Lenses of Terror +5 intimidation, +5 save vs. fear
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