Name Effects Other Type
Wand of Curing Heals target for 2d8 points of damage - single target
Wand of Identify Opens all locked or sealed objects struck - beam
Wand of Opening Identifies 1 chosen item - single target


All damage is per plus

Name Damage Effects Other Type
Wand of Acid 1d8 acid, 1d6 acid for (plus) turns Damages target's equipment - single target
Wand of Striking 2d10 blunt Knocks target back 1d4+(plus) spaces Reflex for half damage and negate knockback single target
Wand of the Void 1d6 cold/+, 1d6 necromatic/+ - undead & constructs immune, reflex for half damage ball
Wand of Cleansing Light 2d6/+ - only affects abberations, undead, and outsiders, cannot be resisted, hits 1 target per (+) beam
Wand of Thunderbolts 2d6 electrical, 1d6 sonic/+ 1d4+1 round stun reflex for no damage, fortitude prevents stun beam
Wand of Animal Summoning - summons an animal to fight for the caster if animal CR too high or wand unidentified, the animal may be hostile -
Wand of Dispelling - dispel magic caster level of 3 + 3*(+) beam
Wand of Fire Bolts 2d6 fire/+ - reflex negates single target
Wand of Ice 1d8 cold/+ turns water and floor to ice, snares enemy if they fail a reflex save - beam
Wand of Scouring 1d8 acid/+, 1d8 toxic/+ - creatures that don't breathe suffer only acid damage, reflex save for 1/2 damage beam
Wand of Ash 1d6/+ blinds for 3d6 turns, -4 general penalty for 3d6 rounds first fortitude save prevents blinding, second halves damage and penalty beam
Wand of Dehydration 1d8/+ -1 fatigue/4 damage fortitude save halves the effect, only affects living creatures beam
Wand of Shards 2d10/+ targets with blood bleed for (+) damage/turn lasts for 1 turn/4 damage inflicted beam
Wand of Life Stealing
Wand of Sound Bursts
Wand of Surtension
Wand of Soul Flaying
Wand of Hellstorm
Wand of Unearthly Harmonies
Cracked Wand
Wand of Negation
Wand of Polymorph
Wand of Paralysis
Wand of Terror
Wand of Sleep
Wand of Lethargy
Wand of Fey Trapping
Wand of Alacrity
Wand of Dismissal
Wand of Dragon Summoning
Wand of Goblinoid Summoning
Wand of Beast Summoning
Wand of Undead Summoning
Wand of Vermin Summoning
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