Weapon Qualities
Name Effect Other
unholy 2d6 vs. good -2 levels if a good creature wields
holy 2d6 vs. evil -2 levels if an evil creature wields
chaotic 2d6 vs. lawful -2 levels if a lawful creature wields
lawful 2d6 vs. chaotic -2 levels if a chaotic creature wields
corrosive 1d6 acid -
flaming 1d6 fire -
shocking 1d6 lightning -
frost 1d6 cold -
thundering 1d6 sonic -
soul-drinking -50 exp per point of damage -
keen double threat range -
defending (+) to AC -
warning 50% negate surprise attacks -
smiting 2x smite damage, all smites are critical hits -
brilliant energy bypasses armor normal damage to chest and doors
distance 2x range -
speed +50% attack speed(25% if offhand) -
accuracy +4 to hit -
slaying destroys creature type fortitude negates
returning returns throwing weapons if they hit -
wounding 1 damage per round for 2d12 rounds can be stopped with healing skill
stunning stuns for 1d4+1 rounds on a critical hit fortitude negates
terror target flees for 3d6 rounds on a critical hit will negates
vampiric heals 1/4 of damage inflicted -
bane +2 attack, +2 damage, 2d6 unsoakable damage vs. creature type -
weakening 1d6 strength damage save for half
numbing 1d6 dexterity damage save for half
withering 1d6 constitution damage save for half
vicious 1d6 to wielder, 3d6 unblockable to target only if wielder has 2/3 of total hit points
binding dimensional anchor on great blow will negates
seeking negates miss chances due to cover or effects(mundane and magical) -
the night causes sleep on sneak attacks will negates
venom poison will not wear off -
sundering 3x on sundering attacks, triple damage to chests and doors effects items with higher magical plus
fey-trapping fey-trapping for 1 round per damage prevents hiding, spells(blur, displacement, invisibility, etc), and teleporting
glowing illuminates 30 ft. per (+), +2 to hit vs. light averse creatures -
thirsty 1d6 unblockable to creatures with blood -
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